Sustainable Industrial Process Innovation

Jan Harmsen for Sustainable Industrial Process Innovation

Harmsen Consultancy provides courses and  independent advice in Process Innovation and Scale-up in relation to Sustainable Development.

Take a look at the courses and workshops Harmsen Consultancy’s Process Technology Academy can offer your company’s sustainable goals and needs.

Jan Harmsen is an experienced Process Engineer,who worked inside Shell for 33 years in Research, Development, Design and Operation; hence, in all innovation stages. Until December 2013 he was also a part-time Professor of Sustainable Chemical Technology at Groningen University. Since 2010 he provides advice and courses to  a variety of industries, including food, ceramics, fine chemicals, bulk chemicals, life sciences, and biotechnology.  

Updated: 04 August 2018

Latest publications:

Jan Harmsen, André B. de Haan, Pieter L. J. Swinkels, “Product and Process Design: Driving Innovation“, De Gruyter (2018) ISBN 9783110467727.

A book for the industrial innovation practioner, as well as for academic teachers. It provides knowledge for each innovation stage, Discovery, Concept, Feasibility, Development, Detailed Design, Start-up, and for each academic level, BSc, MSc, PDEng, PhD.

The three main authors and the three supporting authors, have both industrial experience and academic teaching practice. A lot of their tacit knowledge has now become coded knowledge, in addition to the 365 references used in this book.





engineering for sustainability

Gerald Jonker and Jan Harmsen, “Engineering for sustainability A practical guide for sustainable design“. Elsevier Amsterdam (2012) ISBN 9780444538468. Also available in Spanish: “Ingeniería para la sostenibilidad

A book for teaching sustainable design, as well as executing sustainable design. It follows a step-by-step approach. The authors experience in teaching sustainable development and design has been consolidated in this book.






Jan Harmsen,Industrial Process Scale-up, A Practical Innovation Guide from Idea to Commercial Implementation”

A book for the industrial process innovator. She or he will always find interesting items critical to successful scale-up and easily overlooked.  It covers both integrated process scale-up as individual unit operation scale-up methods.